Advanced Solar Powered Irrigation Products

Our Company

Our company is built on the passion of providing gardeners around the world with automated ways to grow gardens and orchards, and to simplify their upkeep.

Our flagship watering systems come from a tireless effort by our founder, Lewis Lineberger, to have a garden with all of its benefits, without being tied to the garden unable to take even short trips away.

Convinced that an affordable yet dependable system was possible, our company has spent over a decade in research and development to provide the products available today. Water conservation and local growing are key to a prosperous world in the 21st century.

To keep costs as low as possible while keeping quality high, we use 21st century business practices similar to 'Fabless Manufacturing' pioneered by the semiconductor industry. We do all of our design and customer support in-house. Each phase manufacturing, warehousing and shipment is done using closely supervised contract companies.

This strategy allows us to provide the highest value at the lowest cost. It also allows use of small American businesses that would not typically be able to compete.

Over that decade of development, many systems have come and gone including many by 'big' name companies. We are glad we waited until you could have a product we can all be proud to use. Send Mail to the Founder. He would love to hear from you, and see our products in use.

Our Pledge and Commitment

We genuinely want our customers to feel they have good value in our products and that each one has performed well. Please contact Support and we will do our best to meet this standard. Be sure to include a telephone number if you think a person-to-person call could help you solve your issue.

Our Founder

lewis_color.jpg Lewis Lineberger received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Summa Cum Laude 1990) University of Central Florida (UCF), after over a decade designing and providing specialized equipment, providing specialty replacement products and industrial assembly repair for the food processing industry.

His hobbies include Electronics, Gardening (raised bed & hydroponic), Solar power research and application and converting his rugged Tennessee property into an off-grid spring water fed second home and sanctuary. He is also creater and administrator of LTwiki - a website to exchange information about the SPICE Electronics Simulation program 'LTspice'.

He currently lives with his wife Susan in Orlando, FL.

His work career includes 18 years as a NASA engineer where his accomplishments included:
  • 7 years as lead Ground Telecommunications Engineer (Space Shuttle Atlantis)
  • 10+ years of embedded system design (specialized electronic equipment used for processing space craft and specialized research equipment).
Projects included:
  • Data acquisition and control systems for remote research using the internet
  • Clean room monitoring using optical scattering
  • Fast voltage monitoring and control for ground power to the next generation spacecraft.
Published articles:
  • “Spreadsheet Analysis of Repeating Data Patterns in both Frequency and Time Domains,”  Article Derivation
  • “Encryption for Remote Control via Internet or Intranet,”  Article
  • “Pipe Stress Analysis using PCs in C”  Listing in Innovation p.14
  • “Web-Enabled Optoelectronic Particle-Fallout Monitor.”  Article