Advanced Solar Powered Irrigation Products

Drip Irrigation and Why We Love It

The WaterGreat SR-1 controller is just perfect for drip irrigation systems. While it will certainly work with a sprinkler, you are already interested in conserving water or you wouldn't have made it to here!

If Drip Irrigation is new to you please take a moment to view this short video to see how easy it is to install a drip system. Keep in mind when you see any listing of a timer - you don't need it! The SR-1 series does the watering decision for you and it blows away any solution using a timer. The SR-1 automatically sets up watering, but by knowing the ground moisture it automatically adjusts for rain, cloudy days, cooler weather, dormant plants or anything else that affects a watering cycle.

Introduction to Drip Irrigation Video

Consider the total water savings! First off drip irrigation saves 30-70% (ref) and THEN you also get an additional savings of up to 80% using moisture sensing technologies! (ref). So, these savings multiply! You can estimate a savings of 70% of water using the two together, much more during wet seasons. There is also a tremendous benefit of healthier plants and less fertilizer utilization as well. If you are irrigating from municipal water, the cost of water is high. Usually the sewer rates are included in the water cost. Using an overhead sprinkler to water a small garden, you would spray at 2 gallons per minute as an example, and water for 30 minutes. You have used 60 gallons of water. If you water 3 times a week, that is 180 gallons or 720 gallons per month. This is about $11 per month for this small area. This can be reduced to a little over $3 per month using the combination.

Understanding Drip Irrigation

Please review the picture to the right as we discuss drip irrigation. Two items, the backflow preventer and pressure regulator may not be needed if you use well water, and your pressures are only 40 psi maximum. However, you will not go wrong using both. Neither is expensive. Important: If you are using water that has debris or sand it is critical that the filter be placed before the WaterGreat SR-1 valve. In fact, we have water with both sand and organic debris in our shallow well water in Florida. We use both a screen cartridge as shown in the picture and a disk type filter after that to stop the organics. (example). Sand or organics will cause the valve to malfunction, and that is not a warranty item.

People have their preference of dripper types, but we are big fans of pressure compensating drippers. They will provide a consistent delivery throughout your garden or watering area. We are also sold on Netafim products. Please check out this video about the Netafim dripper and why it is best HERE. The 24 and 48 dripper extensions to our Complete Watering System using the SR-1 Soil Moisture Sensing Controller uses exclusively Netafim drippers. Their pressure compensating drippers are better built and less likely to clog we've found. For us, they are worth the little extra money.