Advanced Solar Powered Irrigation Products

WaterGreat SR-1:
An inexpensive, very easy to use, self-contained, solar powered watering system based on auto timing and our soil moisture sensor – designed for years of use and hundreds of thousands of cycles.
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1) Locate sensor 6" from direct water, near plants.
2) Place sensor at slight angle down, red dot up.
3) Water well and wait overnight.
4) Adjust knob setting to number of blinks.
5) Adjust up for more water, down for less.
Checks the soil 3 times a day - waters if needed.
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1) Solar panel with 5 year life.
2) Commercial valve.
3) Circuit board SEALED against weather.
4) Lithium battery.
5) 80% Charge Profile for 3X battery life.
6) Potentiometer (adjustment) IP67 - highly water resistant.
7) Higher power rated components for longer life.
8) Nameplate chemical, weather and sunlight resistant.
9) Sensor totally sealed from the environment.
10) Cabling durable and sunlight resistant.
11) Factory tested over 20 hours to temperature extremes.
12) Much More!

A seven plant tomato garden using this system!